Schedule for Balticon 43

Here is my detailed schedule for Balticon 43 coming up this Memorial Day weekend from May 22nd to the 25th.

  • Podcasting 101 (50 minutes) – Fri 7pm – Chesapeake
    “What’s it all about, where do I listen? What is this Podcasting thing anyway? If you’ve ever wondered about podcasts, come and get all your questions answered.”
    I am happy to share the benefit of almost four years behind the mic and the mixer to participate in this perennial favorite panel at any convention hosting social media programming.
  • Podcast Hosting – Sat noon – Derby
    “One major requirement for having a podcast is hosting the files somewhere on the Internet. Panelists discuss the different technical and financial merits of hosting solutions from free solutions like Archive.Org, to podcast specific solutions like Liberated Syndication, to do it yourself solutions from generic web hosting providers like I’m Hosted, Blue Host, and Dream Host.”
    I am already working on my notes for this one and have some good detail on alternatives to the commercial services mentioned in the blurb.
  • Peer Media v. Broadcast Media – Sat 4pm – Derby
    “New media, social media, digital media–find out how the model of network based peer production has brought a revolution to all forms of media. Learn how content itself and the acts of creation and sharing are changing in a world with low cost to entry, no central gatekeepers and conversation instead of channel. Blogging and podcasting are the tip of the iceberg, peer media is only limited by the reach of the internet and the imagination of individual creators.”
    I wrote the blurb for this one.  My inspiration here is the peer production model first espoused by Eben Moglen and popularized by Yochai Benkler in his seminal paper, Coase’s Penguin, and expanded up in his follow up book, The Wealth of Networks.  I should have time to finish reading the white paper before this panel and already have many notes to dig into on production and distribution, the more common aspects discussed with a peer model but hopefully we can also get into what I think is a bit under developed for newer peer media, like podcasts, that of filtering for relevence and credibility.
  • Technology: Podcasting’s Rocket Fuel – Sun 3pm – Derby
    “Podcasting and related media are enabled by technology. You don’t need mad hacker skills to use them but to push the envelope of what they can do, it sure helps. Come discuss how podcasting is making technology accessible hence enabling a virtuous circle for creators willing to do a little hacking.”
    If you can’t guess I wrote this panel up, too, well, then you probably aren’t a listener yet.  Can you say, “Hack Your Podcast?”  So much more can be done in terms of content creation, distribution and filtering thanks to technology.  This should be fun to dig into.
  • Copyright and Social Media(50 minutes) – Mon 11am – Salon C
    “Social media hinges on easy sharing of content. It very quickly gets snarled in the laws governing copyright. Come and join in a discussion of what you need to know as a creator or consumer of social media. We’ll dispel common copyright myths, discuss some of the recent developments of particular relevance, and discuss tools, such as the Creative Commons, that help navigate the complexities of copyright laws. If you have specific questions, bring them and our panelists will do their best to answer them or share resources that will help you find the answers.”
    This is the panel I have moderated more than any other at every con within which I have been a participant.  This time out, we’ll have a new round of panelists whose views I am eager to discuss and add to the conversation.
  • After the Recording is Done(50 minutes) – Mon 2pm – Derby
    “What to do after the recording.”
    I am so happy we are including advanced topics like this one this year.  I do a lot, a lot, of production work for the show beyond just recording.  I finally get a chance to part the curtain as well as compare notes with my fellow panelists.  Should be an excellent resource for any podcasters who have made it past their freshman episodes and looking for helping improving their show further.
  • Advanced Digital Recording – Mon 3pm – Derby
    “There are a lot of tutorials, presentations, and classes on how to record a podcast but when it gets to posting and sharing your cast, things seem to get glossed over. There are many components working in concert to make a podcast feed. This session aims to explain what each of those components are and how they function together. Further, we hope to show you how you can save money by picking and choosing what services provide each piece.

    “This session will cover: choosing a hosting provider, choosing blog/podcast software; tagging mp3s; writing show notes; uploading files to a host; posting an episode; feed creation; and finally statistics/tracking.”
    Another advanced discussion which I welcome.  Credit to Chooch of the City of Heroes podcast and Into the Blender for suggesting this one on the schedule and Paul Fischer, our fearless track director for approving and populating it.

I will also no doubt be filling in the gaps volunteering or attending panels on which my friends will be appearing.  I won’t know anything outside my official schedule pretty much until I get there.

If any listeners are going to be there and want to schedule a gathering, let me know.  Meanwhile, back to the grind stone as I have six more panels for which I need to prepare notes.

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