Great podcast.

I wanted to add something that I look at when learning new languages. The support sites. If you are learning something new plan on being on support/forums/docs pages for a while. This now guides my choice (somewhat).

Examples: I use Ubuntu server because Fedora and CentOS (and others) websites were not to my liking (personal thing). But the ‘Buntu site was easy to navigate.

My JS Library of choice is Jquery because of the documentation available – Good job on the EJohn.

Right now I have a project needing some sophisticated Flash AS3 work. The documentation is very difficult to traverse (framed content – search engines return frame only is a good example of problems). The AS2 and AS3 documentation is hard to tell apart sometimes. I have experienced a few XSS attacks on Adobe site (seriously). Adobe site has duplications of content and results returned are rather poor. Oh, the search box works different / returns non-consistent results as you go from area to area.

For Flash AS3 – I am mostly book based. I am chugging along in Flash, but the available info is harder to navigate, tricky to find, awkward to use, etc when compared to MySql, Php, Python, Linux, JS (and libraries), and other languages I commonly deal with.

If you are thinking of learning a new language and the site is just not “hitting it off with you”, then you -may- want to reconsider. Setting up Ubuntu + Subversion placed me in the help files for 2 days non-stop. thank god the files were easy to navigate.