TCLP 2009-04-26 News

This is news cast 175.

In the intro, more updates on my upcoming guest appearances.  The latest episode of the SPaMCast went out on the 20th and I am next in the pipe, so my appearance there should be out on May 4th.  I recorded a review of the film, “Six String Samurai”, for Fanboy Hell, just yesterday and that should also be out the week of the 4th.  Dan and M.A. release every two weeks and just but out a new episode, today.  Dan takes a very similar approach to his show’s production to mine and M.A. and he delve into wonderful depths in their discussions.  I cannot recommend their show highly enough.  Last but certainly not least, I was invited onto the live streaming of The Linux Link Tech Show.  I will be on the stream the evening of the 13th and the podcast version should be available soon after.

This week’s security alert is just how the OAuth protocol was founded to have a critical flaw and the astonishing story of the coordination and efforts that went into fixing the highest profile services using it.

In this week’s news Anonymous targets copyright enforcers, Wikipedia pursues trademark and domain name disputes with a pair of artists despite reasonable fair use, cable operators try to convince Congress that deep packet inspection is harmless, and questioning whether CAPTCHAs are measuring the right human qualities.

Following up this week a conflict of interest has arisen in The Pirate Bay sentencing and a call for re-trial.


Grab the detailed show notes with time offsets and additional links either as PDF or OPML.

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