TCLP 2009-04-19 News

This is news cast 174.

In the intro, a heads up on some future guest appearances.  Thomas Cagley Jr. of the very enjoyable Software Process and Measurement Podcast (SPaMCast) interviewed me this past week and that should go out two weeks for Monday, the 20th.  If you like Software Engineering Radio, I think you’ll like the SPaMCast.  I will also be the guest blogger this coming Saturdy at Oh Get a Grip! the group blog written by six writers working in the genre of erotica.  My piece will be safe for work but I will warn you that you might not find the site in general safe for work if you are concerned about such things.  My article was inspired by a panel I was on with Helen Madden, one of the bloggers at OGG, discussing some of the more profound threads of love, sex and artificial intelligence.  Look for my post to go up on April 25th.

This week’s security alert is just a discussion of arguably the first all Mac botnet on which Brian Krebs sheds a bit more light.

In this week’s news TorrentFreak’s analysis of the recently leaked ACTA draft, a rant on the fragmentation in the space of social messaging, experiments in ‘hyperlocal’ news sites on the web, and JavaScript’s creator Brendan Ellch discusses the final draft of ECMAScript 3.1.

Following up this week an update on EFF’s wiretap cases and The Pirate Bay found guilty.


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