Version 0.24 of flashbake Released

From the release notes:

Under OS X, there were reports of problems with flashbake not finding git. This problem was most noticeable while running under cron. OS X 10.5 replaced cron with launchd and provides a pretty stripped down cron-like wrapper to run compatible crontabs but it doesn’t setup the execution environment correctly. Even if you add some env vars to the tab, it still was encountering problems.

This version changes the git calls to use Python’s subprocess module which allows for better control of the execution environment. This version also catches problems finding the git executable raising a clear error. You may now also add the git_path: option to .flashbake to tell flashbake explicitly where to find git.

See the project’s wiki for more information or download from the project’s download page.

3 Replies to “Version 0.24 of flashbake Released”

  1. Thanks for investing so much though and time into this tool. I’ve wanted to start using it ever since I hear Cory, Gina, and Leo talking about it on a TWiT some time ago. Today, I’m making the leap and installing it on my OS X (10.5) box. Wish me luck!

  2. Yeah, can’t get the uptime plugin to work. On OS X, I have uptime at /usr/bin/uptime, but changing the path in isn’t sufficient. Not that I need uptime or anything, but it would be fun to have. Any pointers? Ideas? Fixes?

    1. The uptime plugin as originally written only works on Linux, it examines a fixture under devfs, a pseudo-file system that represents processes and devices. It does not use the uptime command at all. I have a contribution from a user on OS X that actually does in fact parse the output of the uptime command. I will be incorporating that for a release soon, sooner now that I see there is another user interested in that enhancement specifically for OS X.

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