Lab Move Complete

My Heirloom Desk – 1

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I got a hustle on this morning and carted in the rest of my books and odd bits. As you can see in the pictures, everything is back in place. I actually still have to go through my desk once more to junk old cables and loose ends I don’t need. But the space is definitely livable once again.

It is an unimaginable relief to have my workspace back. I have been listening to Pandora non-stop, in celebration, as I have been puttering around the last few days in here. I have missed my old JBL Creature speakers.

I will do some test recording either today or definitely tomorrow. I expect that to go well but I’m sure with the change of space, layout, and the new machine, I may have a few minor kinks to iron out. I already tested the mixer driver with the new Mac and the new version of GarageBand. I just need to make sure I didn’t make an error in re-connecting everything since then or that I am getting any odd echoes in the new space.

Oh, yeah, this of course means my semi-hiatus from podcasting is officially over.

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