Moved into the New Lab, Mostly

I am moved into the new lab, mostly. The carpet went in, as scheduled, and we caught a piece of luck in swinging the furniture move, today, too. I had to do the finally moving to get the shelves and desk where I planned, but that was thankfully much easier than getting everything up the stairs. My new computer is also in place and I’d say I am a little over halfway complete with re-shelving my books.

I need to do some cable management, too, and finalize the placement of peripherals on my desk. Those two are somewhat related and getting the cables tidy and exactly how much wiggle room I have to shift my monitor, mixer, etc. depend on each other. I’ll take another round of photos once the shelving and desk arrangement is complete.

Regardless, all of my necessary gear is installed and running so I can return to regular product as planned. I also should be able to try out my new scheme for improved baffling. I’ll probably do some audio tests before the full show recording on Sunday just to see what still may need tweaking and to give everything a proper shakedown before sitting down for an actual show.

It feels good to have my lab back, all the more so in a new location with fresh paint, new carpet and a much more comfortable and convenient furniture layout. Still, if everything was the same, it would be just as much a relief merely having my dedicated hacking and recording space back. The fact that it is substantially improved across the board is gravy.

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