And Now for the Lab, Carpet

As promised, here’s another weekly update. Week two of my semi-hiatus should see new carpet and the furniture moved. I should be back to regular production next Sunday. I especially appreciate the new listeners who are checking the show out as a result of hearing my promo on Linux Outlaws. Hopefully you are checking out some of the archived shows in the meantime.

The other news of the week is that I received the new computer I ordered, a Mac Pro. I believe I may have gotten the last Harpertown eight core system Apple assembled. Unfortunately, the price point for Apple’s least expensive eight core is now higher. That system ships with more memory and storage than the one I ordered. Compared to my G5, though, this new system is a rocket and I am happier with my budgeting choice. 8GB of after market RAM also helps smooth out the difference between the 5400 and 5500 based system.

I spent yesterday afternoon configuring a dual boot for Linux. It went smoothly and I am happy to have a native Linux system, again, for working from home and testing my personal projects. Since the new system is a desktop, Linux recognized all of the hardware with no trouble at all. I may experiment with Audacity, just to see how it compares, now that I can do so easily.

This week I received a bit of feedback. I have one questions for Vaskin and I to dig into in the planned show on license choices for hackers. Paul Fischer also sent a bit of audio feedback asking after location capabilities for flashbake. He suggests that I ought to be able to code something up similar to the iPod Touch which doesn’t have a GPS chip but can still approximate location. It turns out he is right and there are plenty of tools for doing location based on public IP address. I expect to have something hacked together in the next week or two.

I have been hesitant about location services as part of my own lifestream, just because of the privacy risk. But for a private, local-only git repository, I think it would make sense for users who travel a lot, as a more fine grained bit of context than the city used for the time zone module. I have to say that on the whole, flashbake has me thinking a bit more about the various social services and pieces of other information I publish as more of a cohesive whole, as the term life stream suggests.

The next update on the lab will be on the log Wednesday night. I may post another update Thursday for with photos of the furniture on place. If I still have a good number of books and other material to move in, I may wait for a final update when everything is in place.

Once again, thanks for your patience.


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