Version 0.23.3 of flashbake Released, Critical Patch

From the release notes:

There was a serious regression in the new glob support that I completely missed. The symptom was that flashbake would consider paths that were valid in 0.22 to be unknown. Some attempted to fix this on their own by changing the hot files in .flashbake to full, absolute paths. While this appeared to work, it interfered with the git commit, so flashbake would fail to commit without giving any sign of a problem.

The fix enhances the sanity checks to catch any hot files that are mistakenly pointing outside of the project directory. So as not to interfere with people’s attempts to fix this problem on their own, flashbake also now should handle both full file paths and paths relative to the project directory correctly.

Thanks to Cory, Ben and a few others whose emails I cannot locate in my email, at the moment.

See the project’s wiki for more information or download from the project’s download page.

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