Lab Painting is Complete

Fresh Paint – 2

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I am floored at how much the contractor’s team got done in a single day. Two coats of full coverage paint in the dark, man-cave color I selected. All the trim. They even painted the closet and the inside of the door. They repaired the busted hinge and the broken light switch. I took some pictures of before they started.

I also dug out some three and a half year old pictures of my old lab. These date from before I acquired my mixer and my larger monitor. But it gives you a sense of how much crap I have. I’ve managed to winnow it down as part of the move but it’ll give you a baseline for when my new lab is completely re-assembled.

We have to wait until Wednesday, now, to install carpet. Hopefully we can get an estimate and an installation appointment in time. If we’re lucky, that means we’ll be able to move the furniture back a week from tomorrow. Then the giddy rush of putting all of my stuff back.

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