The Lab is Getting Paint!

We have firmed up the details with our contractor. We agreed on an the estimate, the color has been selected and the date has been set. They start work Thursday morning, they’ll need to do a bit of spackle and sanding before they get to paint. Thankfully our contractor gets that I need this done quickly as I use that space to work from home not just for my home studio.

We’ll call the carpet folks, tomorrow, and they should be able to come out for the estimate that day or the next. They should be able to install as soon as the paint is dry, early next week.

Lastly, our contractor was agreeable to adding a couple of hours for moving the furniture which is a relief. I should be all settled in by the middle to the end of next week. Should be in time for an interview I’d like to schedule for another podcast next week. It will definitely be in time for my interview with Zittrain at the end of the month.

That also means I should be back to my full production schedule by the 22nd, if all goes well. I’ll try to remember to take some pictures, tomorrow, of the room before any work starts and grab some snaps as progress is made.

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