Version 0.23 of flashbake Released

From the release notes:

Simple globs are now supported. ? matches any single character in a filename, * matches any number of characters. [] can be used for sets of characters, like [0-9] will match all digits, zero through nine. Glob support will break Python 2.4 compatibility, do not upgrade (yet) if you are using anything older than 2.5. I’ll release a patch for 2.4 and earlier “soon”.

Thanks to Ben Snider, there are now stock plugins for Twitter and Identica in the flashbake.plugins.microblog module. There is also a new plugin specifically for Banshee, the music player, in I’ll add other music players as I have time. The Plugins page has been updated.

There is now support for a shared control file, ~/.flashbake/config. This file, if present, will get read first, then the project specific version. There are a few gotchas, however, to this central file. If you name a plugin both in the central file and the project file, it will get run twice. Plugin options will use the project file value if they are duplicated (I think). You can put hot files into the central file but they will be evaulated against the project directory so probably won’t be very useful if you have more than one project. You still must have a project specifiec .flashbake file, anyway.

garthrk also contributed some fixes, in particular for a nasty infinite loop problem on OS X. I have fixed some other some issues too, in particular making debug messages clearer.

See the project’s wiki for more information or download from the project’s download page.

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  1. Very excellent episode (despite Skype woes). I’ve been meaning to resurrect my Linux partition on my home system. This has inspired me to jump back into that project. Thanks. 🙂

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