TCLP 2009-03-01 News

This is news cast 171.

This week’s security alerts are a remotely exploitable flaw in Flash and Microsoft fixes a problem in dealing with autorun exploits.

In this week’s news Amazone caves to the demands of the authors’ guild (their exact statement on the matter) and the troubling antecedents and precedents, Microsoft releases some promising research on secure browsing though Neil McAllister reminds us where we’ve seen this before, Microsoft sues TomTom possibly over Linux patent infringment though I remain to be entirely convinced, and proxying data to JavaScript through Flash.

Following up this week the D programming language has been ported to OS X. I wrote about D’s 1.0 release a while back.


Grab the detailed show notes with time offsets and additional links either as PDF or OPML.

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  1. My current personal project is a web based self tracking tool (something like the things the Quantified Self blog talks about and inspired by tweetwhatyoueat). I haven’t decided if I’ll release it yet, but if I do I want to do so with a sharealike licence that protects against the SaaS loophole.

    However, much of the real meat of the project will be run in the browser as javascript. Would sending javascript to the browser count as distribution, or do I need to use a less standard license like Affero?

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