Version 0.22 of flashbake Released

I just uploaded the released and updated the docs.

From the release notes,

This version completes the move to the setuptools module for installation which should simplify the install, removing the need to install the dependencies by hand. See the Installation page for the latest info.

Plugin support is ready for plugin consumption. Plugins should extend flashbake.plugins.AbstractMessagePlugin, see the Plugins page for more details on the protocol. The names and options for the stock plugins have also changed, see the Plugin page for these details too.

The feed plugin should now work with Atom as well as RSS. It uses the feedparser module so should work on many more feeds than the original code did.

This version adds support for a shared control file, ~.flashbake/config. If present, this file will be read and then the project’s .flashbake file will be read and added to it.

This version fixes an issue with running under Python 2.4.

See the project’s wiki for more information or download from the project’s download page.

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