Github Project for flashbake

As promised, I have set up a proper project site for flashbake. I opted for github since I have been using git for the project’s sources already.

This means you can clone the sources, as well as download the distribution tarball.

I’ve also edited the original home page, still intact, to link over to the new project page. I’ve moved the bulk of the documentation, such as it is, to github. The pages there are a wiki so it should make improving the documentation easier. In particular, it already needs to be split out into separate pages to make finding and viewing simpler.

This project site is minutes old so don’t hesitate to ping me with anything that is missing or needs attention with the understanding that I’ve spent very little time on it, as of yet. I have laundry list of changes to make to both the code and the docs. I even have a patch, already, though the code has changed enough since 0.19 that it may no longer be directly applicable.

If you are interested in helping out directly, let me know, now that there is a public, sharable resource for doing so.

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