I see what happened. The template divides the posts with horizontal lines. The comment link inside the box so defined appears to belong to the post in the box. I recall seeing a WP plugin to move comments. You might want to grab that one.

Your introductory paragraph to Flashbake describes the goal as seamless autoversioning. The custom commit message is described near the bottom in the history of the project. The system I use doesn’t support that requirement. With autoversioning, the commit message is auto-generated. However, one could use something that pops up like Flashbake does to periodically request the status information. I’d just keep these statuses in a database along with the current version number of the repository at the time rather than trying to get them into SVN. Incidentally, I’ve been thinking about a tool that periodically pops up and asks you what you’re working on for a couple of years now. I hate things that pop up and destroy my flow, so it would at least have to monitor user input and not bug me when I’m typing or laying out a window. This would work fine with the autoversioning I use but it wouldn’t be desirable for Flashbake to put off a needed commit because the user is typing. The more I think about it, the more I think that requesting status and automatically committing changes should be separate. I’m way over in the “computer never forgets anything” camp, but not so far as to hold that you shouldn’t be able to purge anything. In practice I’m pretty close to that extreme, as there’s no way to completely remove something from SVN apart from dumping the repository, editing it, and reimporting.

My previous comment wasn’t intended as criticism and nowhere did I suggest you were wasting your time. Writing code has value in itself. It’s a total waste of time to write a C compiler from the perspective of having a compiler. From the standpoint of really understanding programming, it’s invaluable. I imagine you learned a few things about git when you decided to automate it. My only beef is that you released something named Flashbake that is wholly incapable of downloading experiences into my brain. Please address this issue in a future release.