TCLP 2009-02-01 News

This is news cast 169.

In the intro, a reminder that I will be at Shmoocon this weekend. Contact me if you are interested in a listener meetup. I’ve also got the list of panels I will be on at Farpoint the following weekend. Some really good discussions await.

This week’s security alerts are using TinyURL to bypass browser safety filters and ICANN tackles but doesn’t commit to doing anything about fast flux hosting.

In this week’s news possible problems with an Android appthough the issue may have less to do with Google’s model than an irate community, video tutorials for programming the PDP 11/10, Google launches a program to measure the open-ness of the net, and processing using the waste heat from CPUs.

Following up this week a new edition of the anti-DRM kid’s book, “The Pig and the Box” and judge rules against WoW bot maker.


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