TCLP 2009-01-25 News

This is news cast 167.

In the intro, a reminder that I will be at Shmoocon in a little under two weeks. I won’t be speaking, just going as an attendee but for this con, I enjoy just soaking up all the great presentations and activities. The week after I will be on panels at Farpoint talking about the usual topics, plus I may manage to get some new panels on the schedule. Also, in a bit of good news, though this affects my schedule farther out, I will be going to Dragon*Con this year after all.

This week’s security alerts are an expert is claiming a single re-write pass may be enough to securely delete data though he has drawn critics from credible experts and the new and highly infectious Conficker worm may affect the forthcoming Windows 7 .

In this week’s news a new Gnome project that brings JavaScript to that desktop with what looks like impressive results, COPA is finally dead, next generation CAPTCHAs, and Twitter is experimenting with OAuth to better secure third party access to their data.

Following up this week ACTA’s secret negotiations may run afoul of EU law and how will Obama’s DoJ appointees act on the issue of warrant-less wire tapping.


Grab the detailed show notes with time offsets and additional links either as PDF or OPML.

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