Group Support on Identica, New Group for TCLP

The great, free software micro blogging service,, just got a major update today. The most notable feature, one I have wanted for some time, is group support.

The idea is that you can create a group and then use a new syntax, !group_name, to post to that group. In my opinion, this sort of filtering has been long overdue in the micro blogging space. Not all messages are equal and I grow frustrated with receiving my personal communications intermingled with marketing, topical chatter and the like. Having a way to start to separating these different sorts of messages from each other starts to make the noise more manageable and match how I approach consuming information via other channels.

I have of course created a new group for my podcast. I will be experimenting with my WordPress plugin, Laconica Tools, on my own server to re-target my post and episode announcements to that group rather than my unqualified update stream. This also has me thinking of finishing a feature in the plugin, the ability to customize the message sent to per post. That would make it easier for users to target each post to different groups based on topic. The same feature would be useful for tagging, as well.

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