Broadband Transparency at New America

The New America Foundation is hosting another interesting event tackling one of my favorite questions, how we improve the transparency of network data for purposes of assessing the genuine risk of innovation and freedom stagnating.

Transparency has always been an essential component of the Internet’s success, and, to remedy today’s information gap, researchers need resources to develop new analytical tools. At this event, speakers will discuss the importance of advancing research in network measurement tools and introduce new developments that will benefit end-users, innovators, and policymakers

I will not be able to make it, I am already attending a lunch time event that day. I really wish I could since the panel line up looks great, especially Vint Cerf and Ed Felten but also Larry Peterson, also from Princeton, and Sascha Meinrath, one of my favorite speakers from the New America staff.

Thankfully, New America publishes video of all of their events. And they’ve also recently started live tweeting. Still, if anyone who reads this attends and wants to share their impressions, let me know.

via Public Knowledge

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