Feed Changes

Google has started migrating their FeedBurner users over, to where I am not sure. I saw a notice about this when checking my stats the other day and decided to elect to migrate early. I use FeedBurner only for my podcast feeds. The feed for this site itself is served directly out of my WordPress instance and is not affected by any FeedBurner shenanigans.

I imagine they are consolidating users on new servers that requires changes to the feed URLs. They have promised to seamlessly redirect anyone using the old URLs but I figured many of you subscribed to the podcast feeds might wish to be proactive, like me. I also know I have a good number of listeners using uncommon podcatchers like gPodder and bashpodder that might have problems with the feed redirects.

The new URLs are the same as the old ones except the host portion, “feeds”, is now “feeds2”. That is it, that is all that is different. Google appears committed to keeping the feedburner.com domain name alive. I imagine changing the host allows folks, like me, to try for a smoother transition than if Google re-pointed the existing hostname to a new system all at once.

The subscription links on this site have been changed to reflect the new URL. I have also already posted a new URL to iTunes so hopefully that should seamlessly change for those subscribed that way.

As always, let me know if you have any trouble with the feeds during this transition and I’ll do my best to troubleshoot.

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