TCLP 2009-01-11 News

This is news cast 167.

In the intro, a quick discussion of Professor Lessig’s appearance on the Colbert Report. I have included the first audio remix of that interview as the outro bed music, the rights to that belong to Sam King though I am assuming replaying such a mash up is OK despite the lack of info at his MySpace page. Also a bit of confusion over the availability of Remix from the Colbert Nation site. I am sure it is just a consequence of the delay of the CC-licensed e-book.

This week’s security alert is just 1 in 7 SSL certificates are based on the weaker MD5 hash though I’ve talked about how you can use SSL Black List to help spot these and DNSSEC now has a flaw (via slashdot).

In this week’s news a lot of press over an EU council to broaden use of remote searching (via slashdot) though all may not be as dire as it appears, the best indie film you may never see because of barriers to distribute over music sync rights though you can donate and help, Wikipedia over DNS, and the OLPC project under takes some severe belt tightening.

Following up this week the EFF will be able to continue pursuing a key warrant-less wiretapping case and Reznor’s Ghosts I-IV tops Amazon’s digital music chart for 2008.


Grab the detailed show notes with time offsets and additional links either as PDF or OPML.

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