EFF 18th Birthday Party, Tonight at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco

I so wish I were anywhere on the west coast right now, the EFF is preparing to celebrate 18 years of protecting our civil liberties online tonight with what looks like a fantastic party. You can pre-purchase a ticket to the party with the option to pick up a discounted membership and some nice premiums. Wonder if I can order one of those NSA t-shirts anyway?

DJ Spooky is headlining but it looks like they have some great additional talent lined up, more details at the link. For a bit more you can also purchase a ticket to a VIP pre-party where DJ Spooky will be reading from his book, “Sound Unbound”. It looks like a great chance to meet EFF board members and other luminaries, too. I am so jealous of anyone who gets to go to the party, let alone the VIP pre-party.

If you make it to either or both events and are a listener of the show, please call the voice mail with a report or email me to schedule some time to chat. I’d love to snag a bit of first hand reporting for the podcast.

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