TCLP 2009-01-04 News

This is news cast 166.

In the intro, just a quick round up of events for this month and the coming year including Farpoint, Balticon 43 and Shmoocon. I’ll also be attending Wiki White House at Google’s DC office this week and a luncheon discussion of the Jacobsen case put together by the DC bar. The former appears to be full up and the latter does involve a fee.

If you want to help me get to Penguicon and/or Dragon*Con this year, please make a donation.

This week’s security alert is just a lengthy discussion of an attack on the public key infrastructure based on the well researched possibility of collisions with the MD5 algorithm.

In this week’s news the web comic User Friendly calls attention to the end of the VHS, a new project exploring molecular computing, a book and project bring design patterns to social activism much like they were adopted for software development (you can purchase the book on Amazon), and a paper testing how well the four common browsers handle private data, the problem of Flash cookies being the most disturbing finding.

Following up this week Flickr’s The Commons project put into question with a Yahoo layoff and an unconfirmed report that the RIAA may be firing MediaSentry.


Grab the detailed show notes with time offsets and additional links either as PDF or OPML.

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    1. Ain’t it just, though? I can’t wait for my copy of the book to arrive. Hopefully, I’ll be done with Zittrain’s book by then. It’ll still jump the queue but given that it is more of a catalog, I suspect I can get through it a bit quicker than the other books in my non-fiction pile.

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