My research into webkit under MacPorts left me with exactly that impression, that it was still relatively new and unstable. I may take up my notes in a few months and try again. MacPorts seems to be much more active than Fink so I am optimistic that the package maintenance shouldn’t add too much drag. On a largely unrelated note, MacPorts has also sort of whetted my appetite to have a go at BSD, perhaps under virtualization.

I figured that Gwibber might be modular enough to write a different, native front end. Sadly, I despair I will ever have enough spare cycles to achieve a high enough level of fluency in Cocoa to undertake it myself. Then again, maybe with a later revision of XCode 3 (or even 4), since the full integration of PyObjC was brand new to 3.0. Much of the existing documentation on PyObjC is frustratingly out of date for XCode 3. Unfortunately, Apple has made commitments to other languages before with Cocoa that did not end well. And Python 3.0 no doubt presents them with some non-trivial questions.

Regardless, I shall continue to enjoy Gwibber on my work system which accounts for most of my micro blogging time these days anyway. Thanks for the excellent bit of software!