Laconica Tools and WordPress 2.7

It looks like the upgrade to 2.7 may be causing an issue with my Laconica Tools plugin.  There may also be a problem with posting from Ecto, the desktop client I usually use since it lets me work completely offline.  In either case, the first post I published since the upgrade clearly is available on the site but never made it to  Ecto returned an error from the curl library, that it could not connect to the server, which is odd.  That is also the bit that makes me think it might also be Ecto, not necessarily my plugin.

In either case, I will investigate further on my testing instance and post an update as appropriate.

Updated: Well, in the course of publishing this very post, I have ruled out Ecto.  And it looks like the error may not even be WordPress related, per se.  Apparently, I cannot reach from my VM at SliceHost.  I’ll keep checking and try again once I’ve sorted the connectivity to make sure the plugin is alright or make fixes as needed.

Conclusion: I tested Laconica Tools successfully with WordPress 2.7.  It does in fact work and the glitch I saw with curl was just an intermittent disconnect between my host and

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