TCLP 2008-12-07 News

This is news cast 163.

This week’s security alerts are confusion around Apple’s recommendation of AV software then their retraction and a Firefox trojan that identifies itself as the popular Greasemonkey extenions.

In this week’s news worry over a change for one BitTorrent client to favor UDP traffic along with a clarification of their intentions about network congestion management, Facebook rolls out their latest data sharing effort though it is far from a true data portability play, the EFF and others file their petitions for DMCA exemptions, and Python 3.0 has been released amidst criticism of its breaking backwards compatibility though some are offering very well reasoned defenses.

Following up this week the judicial oversight amendment to the EU telecoms package has been stripped and Spore is the most pirated game of the year despite EA’s insistence of draconian DRM.


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