TCLP 2008-11-23 News

This is news cast 161.

This week’s security alerts are a hard to exploit but critical crypto flaw in SSH and a new bit of malware for the Mac.

In this week’s news the state of free software friendly social networking, Apple has added DRM supporting hardware to its new unibody Mac portables, a great how to on using the project hosting site, github, and screen casts on more advanced git usage, and a contentious but thoughtful paper that considers the open nature of the internet as more likely to preserve neutrality than legislation.

Following up this week Adobe says it will still back standards despite loss in JavaScript 2.0 fight and Apple is in talks with the other three labels over DRM-free music.


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4 Replies to “TCLP 2008-11-23 News”

  1. I’m surprised your discussion on git didn’t cover my Google tech talk, which can be found by googling for my name and git in Google video.

    I’m also surprised when you talk about how git was “adopted” by the Linux kernel team. Perhaps you don’t realize that it was created by Linus specifically for the Linux kernel team when they lost the use of Bitkeeper. I’ve actually been working with the git developers from the time that I first found out about it after having had lunch with Linus.

  2. I remember vaguely the move away from Bitkeeper. I didn’t realize Linus wrote git, very cool. Makes sense, too, given how much it looks like patch management. Thanks for the info, sir. Is there any high profile FLOSS with which you do nor have a personal or hands on connection?

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