Two More Events This Week

I have planned to attend two more events while I have the free time to do so. I missed Eric Schmidt’s talk down at the Ronald Reagan building yesterday though I had planned to go. It is being covered well, so if I had gone, it would have been for my own experience, not necessarily to add any to the discussion about Schmidt’s policy recommendations.

Tomorrow, I am planning on attending Tech Agenda 2009: Building an Infrastructure for a 21st Century Economy. I have enjoyed all of the past Google talks I have attended. Once I am working full time again I will miss them. Being able to attend talks at Google and other venues these last couple of months has been a silver lining to the stress of the job search. It is one of the little things that has helped me keep my mood positive.

On Friday, I will be attending Homes with Tails, What if You Could Own Your Internet Connection at the New America Foundation. I still have notes from the last talk I attended there. I will try to write them up this week, maybe even this very afternoon.

I have been contemplating the notion of owning my own fiber ever since I read an I, Cringely piece on the topic a couple of years back. If we aren’t going to have the Internet as a public utility, then it seems that ownership of the last mile should be open to private hands, namely homeowners. I am also a big fan of the posts and essays I’ve read by Tim Wu. I am eager to hear what he and his fellow panelists have to say on the subject.

I hope to see some of the local folks at either or both events.

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