Please Help Dr. Doug from the Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd

Co-creator of the wonderful, family friendly podcast, “The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd”, lost his home this weekend to the wild fires out west. Doug also does the wonderful voice of Dr. Floyd himself.

On the evening of Novmeber 14, Radio Adventures Of Dr. Floyd co-creator (and the voice of Dr. Floyd) Doug Price left his brand new house in Sylmar, CA for dinner. When he returned he was told he couldn’t reenter his home because of a mandatory fire evacuation due to the Sylmar/Sayer fire.

Sometime over the night the fire spread and Doug’s house was completely burnt to the ground leaving him with only the clothes on his back and the contents of his truck. Doug is safe and sound but he’s lost every possession he owned. While he was fully insured, it’ll be sometime until the insurance is sorted out and he’s able to get his money. This couldn’t have happened at a more unfortunate time as Doug had just finished his long running job at Fox Studios and is now back on day to day call in work, so his work outlook is not stable. Right now he needs the basics until he can get this sorted out.

His fellow co-creator, Grant Baccioco, who voices Dr. Grant and many other characters on this show is offering a special, limited edition episode that will be delivered via email in December for folks who donate to help Doug out. The suggested donation is only five dollars, which is not a lot to help out someone in need, and you can certainly give more if you can afford it.

If you are familiar with this beloved show, then I think any amount is a fair deal for the wonderful entertainment Doug helps produce. If you are not, check it out and consider helping Doug out. I saw a tweet from Grant over the weekend that they had already received over $500 in donations.

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