Laconica Tools v. 1.1.2 Released

Laconica Tools is my WordPress plugin that supports sending status updates to the open micro blogging server,, when publishing a new post.

User, mcnee, on noticed that some time in the last week or so, the plugin just mysteriously stopped working. No visible errors, it just silently refused to do what it had done successfully since I forked and launched my own 1.0.0 release.

On investigating, it looks like some changes have made it into’s login form. The old code used simple form posting to generate the session cookie. That now returns an error, something about an invalid session. The HTML source shows a new hidden form field, something about a token. I don’t know if this was part of the planned phase out of the old version 0.0 API or not. The simplest fix was for me to switch the plugin over to the Twitter API which Evan Prodromou has committed to supporting.

If you have had problems with the plugin not working, in the manner described above, download version 1.1.2 and upgrade. That should fix the problem. Some time in the future I will look at other API options, like OMB or AtomPub depending on how support for those develops in the code. In the meantime, as a side effect, the plugin may now work with Twitter (I have not tested it for such, no warranties).

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