I Received a Job Offer

The best news I have had in just over two months. One of the companies I have been courting made an offer last night. Given where the company is at in its growth, the role and, to be honest, the state of the market and economy, it is a very reasonable offer. I have not accepted, yet, but have committed to making a decision this coming week. I have already started notifying the other leads I have been pursuing. I will be calling the rest first thing on Monday, since at least one has scheduled an interview for this coming week which we may want to either expedite or cancel.

The employer making the offer has impressed me from the start, not in the least because they moved very quickly and professionally throughout the interview process. The role is very consistent with the leadership responsibilities I have enjoyed throughout much of my career and maintains a central focus on the programming work. There is also a unique window because of the timing that will actually allow me to learn about their product and code before having to start leading a team. A little bit of a perfect storm.

I’ll post later in the week when I submit my decision but you can guess based on my writing, chatter in the intros to recent podcasts, and updates on Identi.ca and Twitter how excited and relieved I am right now.

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