The Job Search Continues

In this case, no news is exactly that, no news. I still have a small number of leads that may make decisions this week. I’d gladly accept an offer from any of them. I know I have said, in other places, pretty much the same thing last week and the week before. This is the nature of seeking employment, all I can do is present myself well. The decision making processing is out of my control after I’ve sent in the resume, completed the phone screen, and gone in for the interview.

In the meantime, I am back to sifting through the job boards and sending out applications and resumes. I found over a half a dozen interesting opportunities for which I think I am well qualified yesterday alone. I’m sure I’ll suss out a handful more by the end of the week. Hopefully some of those will also net me more phone screens and interviews. The more lines I have in the water, the more likely I am to catch a fish.

If I get down to the end of my resources, I still have options. At the moment, I am being selective in the jobs I pursue. I am looking for the next permanent job for myself, not just something to pay the bills right now. In another couple of months, I will have to shift focus to something simply to make ends meet. In the DC metro area there is a lot of contract work of varying durations, for most of which I am very well qualified. Most of the cold calls I am getting from recruiters are for such contract positions.

I am still hopeful, despite the state of the economy and some belt tightening amongst my preferred employers, start ups, that I will find my next permanent job. If not, I am confident I can secure what I need to keep looking a longer term basis until I do.

By the way, if your employer is looking or you know someone who is looking for a developer well versed in building database drive enterprise and web applications, you can find my resume here.

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  1. Good luck with the job search even though we know that you don’t need luck because you can rely on your skill and experience. I’m in the middle of a job hunt myself and I am feeling a lot of the same things you are.

    I’m working as a sub right now and I received my teaching certificate last week so I’m now looking for a more permanent position. My thoughts are with you.

  2. Thanks. I know I am not alone and the solidarity within my personal and professional network is a source of comfort, support and optimism. The occasional posts are to keep my morale and focus up as well as, to be a bit mercenary, to potentially squeeze a bit of help out of the Google juice this blog receives.

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