Great podcast, as usual. I wanted to chime in on “the availability of google” via T-mobile. I spent quite a long time on the phone with T-mobile on the release morning. Here are a few notes:
-I am not able to get the $179 price until December because I “upgraded” a phone (The famous BBerry Pearl failures that no one would admit to but will promptly replace)
-My December go-live with the phone is a 100% contradiction to information provided by a sales rep a few months prior. Specifically I was told that I could reset my plan (sort of) by signing up for a new 2 year contract on the launch date and be eligible for the new pricing. This was wrong. The notes on my account “vanished” as well.
-Anyone on the phone on launch morning could get the phone. And the 3G service is not available everywhere, but the phone is. Google (as a service) is decoupled from T-mobile. T-mobile provides access to the towers and packets. The option of a data plan is an upgrade. Google then handles your “cell based digital presence”. Having my BBerry Curve jump from local Wi-Fi to cell tower underscores the idea that data is data and cable, wi-fi, and Cell are just the on-ramp.
-My big complaint is that my immediate sign up for the G1 did not actually put me on a list or send me promised confirmation. I did receive an e-mail on the go live day.
-The sign up process and consequential “web wrangling” left me dead ended (on site) for an hour hitting errors.

Thus my long phone call.

T-Mobile is a tolerable company. They have many failings. The website fails often.

It would be great to see them ‘get the act together’. As a web / IT savvy person my experience with T-Mobile services has been consistently poor and depressing.