TCLP 2008-10-26 News

This is news cast 158.

This week’s security alerts are the first security flaw in the new G1 and vendor offers a security suite for Android.

In this week’s news the 40th anniversary of the FCC’s Carterfone ruling, content aware image resizing with an open source implementation already, Android first impressions along with news Google has released all the sources and that there may be some availability issues, and virtual crimes with real punishments, a digital theft and a virtual murder.

Following up this week EFF, Public Citizen respond to McCain’s YouTube letter and Amazon deletes negative reviews for another EA video game riddled with DRM.


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One Reply to “TCLP 2008-10-26 News”

  1. Great podcast, as usual. I wanted to chime in on “the availability of google” via T-mobile. I spent quite a long time on the phone with T-mobile on the release morning. Here are a few notes:
    -I am not able to get the $179 price until December because I “upgraded” a phone (The famous BBerry Pearl failures that no one would admit to but will promptly replace)
    -My December go-live with the phone is a 100% contradiction to information provided by a sales rep a few months prior. Specifically I was told that I could reset my plan (sort of) by signing up for a new 2 year contract on the launch date and be eligible for the new pricing. This was wrong. The notes on my account “vanished” as well.
    -Anyone on the phone on launch morning could get the phone. And the 3G service is not available everywhere, but the phone is. Google (as a service) is decoupled from T-mobile. T-mobile provides access to the towers and packets. The option of a data plan is an upgrade. Google then handles your “cell based digital presence”. Having my BBerry Curve jump from local Wi-Fi to cell tower underscores the idea that data is data and cable, wi-fi, and Cell are just the on-ramp.
    -My big complaint is that my immediate sign up for the G1 did not actually put me on a list or send me promised confirmation. I did receive an e-mail on the go live day.
    -The sign up process and consequential “web wrangling” left me dead ended (on site) for an hour hitting errors.

    Thus my long phone call.

    T-Mobile is a tolerable company. They have many failings. The website fails often.

    It would be great to see them ‘get the act together’. As a web / IT savvy person my experience with T-Mobile services has been consistently poor and depressing.


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