No Show Tonight

As I predicted during the intro of Wednesday’s show, my travel this weekend brought me back into town a bit late to get started on my reading and research. The travel was personal, a nice respite from the recent stress over the old job and the hunt for new employment. I enjoyed the event we drove down to attend immensely, I am blessed to have such caring, creative and wonderful friends. The scenery of the Outer Banks was a welcome change. There was WiFi, surprisingly, but it was inconsistent and there really was little time to sit with laptop and read. Given the choice of that or spending time with friends or walking down to the beach, I had little desire to spend more time than to just check email very quickly, anyway.

I’m thinking this week’s feature will be a Hacking 101 segment, though we’ll see what I am able to put together tomorrow night, during my usually writing time.

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