Windows Cloud OS to Debut This Month

Engadget has the scoop though technical details beyond comparison’s to Microsoft’s research OS, Midori, are scant. I am betting that it is most likely a play on the server end, a version of the OS that is amenable to commodity virtualization or runs at the level of a hypervisor. I can’t really see how a consumer “cloud OS” would be all that different.

I am still fascinated by the model cloud computing is meant to describe. Many are making hay out of the term for a variety of reasons but there is clearly a growing trend that is hard to ignore. I am most interested by how will be tackling the issues of data ownership and autonomy as well as the intersection of software freedom with cloud computing as represented by the Franklin St. Statement.

The fact that Microsoft is trying to capitalize on the attention being drawn to cloud computing suggests that we should have entrenched positions on the issues of privacy, security and autonomy in the cloud. Not necessarily because I think Microsoft will willfully act to the detriment of those principles. Rather they’ll act in their own best interest regardless of those principles and the path dependency, like it or not, means that they’ll set the default standard for what consumers can expect with regards to these key values.

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