My Resume

Many have asked for my current resume in order to help out in my current search. The offers have been very appreciated and I figured posting a link to it here will reach any and all folks following me online.

I have posted it on my personal site. You can find PDF and Word versions of it, as well as a comprehensive skills matrix (in my experience, many consultancy like to see this as well). I can provide references on request, as well.

I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to J.R., Allie, Paul and Alex. I have maintained my resume almost* entirely on my own in the past and been pretty happy with it. Thanks to their input, I think it positively shines. Given the hit rate on the single job board on which I have re-activated my profile so far, I think I am justified in that impression.

* The last time I was searching, my uncle, a career veteran of the IT industry and a long time employee of HP back in the day, helped me update my resume. It had been suffering a bit from bullet-list-itis and he helped me re-write it into more of a story of my career so far.

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