I Am Unemployed

This was not expected and I wish I could say it was part of a larger reduction in force.  I won’t speak any more to the cause or my former employers actions.

So far, the outpouring of support from my online social network has buoyed me up through the initial shock. I have had a handful of folks offer and provide help with updating and improving my resume. I have had about a half dozen ask for said resume when it is finished to help with my search. This is a completely new experience for me with any job search. The resume help so far has made the task much easier and increased my confidence in the product. We’ll see with the help in the actual search once I get started. All things being equal, I’d much rather take a job on a friend, colleague or acquaintance’s recommendation over finding it in a mass, random search.

I am still awaiting a couple of reviewers to get back to me with comments then I’ll post my resume on my personal web site and link to it everywhere. I am just concentrating on next tasks, at the moment, to avoid being driven stark raving made by the enormity of finding a new job with no preparation whatsoever, two mortgages to pay, and a family to support. I have additional resources to draw on, if needed, but prefer not to if I can get by on my severance (about which I have not yet received any details).

Wish me luck…know anyone who’s hiring?

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  1. Thanks for the link, good information in that article.

    I will contract if it comes to that, I have a bit of time and so far I’ve been getting a lot of interest just from re-activating my resume on a single job board. I haven’t activated on all of them, yet, or started any active searches. I also have local friends who work for some large, un-named government contractors circulating my resume internal and getting me set up within the internal job referral system.

    Yes, I will indeed link to it, probably later tonight, as many others will see it either the same way, via the RSS or through one of the social networking sites I push updates out to from this blog.

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