TCLP 2008-09-14 News (Comment Line 240-949-2638)

This is news cast 154.

In the intro, remarking the end on the Voice of Free Planet X.

This week’s security alerts are malware has started generating fake infringement notices and incidental risks to privacy and security exposed with the iPhone.

In this week’s news, Real set to launch a DVD copying product despite the presence of existing better though not entirely legal tools and the history of DVD copying product thus far, user reaction to EA’s choice of DRM for the hot game Spore inspires them to bomb its Amazon reviews so much so that there were some shenanigans around those reviews, a legislative test balloon for giving open source more support in government IT, Samba’s Jeremy Allison talks about mentors and other tools to help the self taught programmer.

Following up this week, it is that time to start talking about e-voting as the GAO criticize the certification process for testing labs and Neil McAllister takes a look at the Chromium source code in the wake of the big launch.


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