Dragon*Con 2008 Wrap Up

I already wrote up my personal impressions of the convention. I thought I’d take a moment to write up some of the other aspects, a bit more relevant to this site and my podcast.

As a budding audio techie, this was definitely my best con yet. I learned a few more tricks about how to run a PA simultaneously with recording software without deafening the audience or capturing unusable crap. We had a good staff this year and early on in the weekend got everyone checked out on the gear. It made the director’s life easier, I saw her actually leave the track room more than once and did so without seeming overly stressed, as she often was in years past. As her unofficial second, it also helped my con experience. There are still things I want to do better on the gear front but I no longer feel so completely overwhelmed when sitting down to an unfamiliar audio stack.

I did manage to speak with Randal Schwartz albeit briefly, I wish there had been more time to chat or socialize for both of us. I did not manage to get to the Hacking 201 panel on the EFF track (its really the first hour of their party rather than an actual panel) or to the Mad Scientists Ball afterwards. I was kind of pooped and we had some friends come to the room to watch the Masquerade with us since their hotel was having video problems with the D*CTV feed.

I met a couple of folks local to the DC area, too, and exchanged cards. One of them, Rattle, also attends Shmoocon and it sounds like he is looking to get involved with HacDC. It would be nice to get to know some of the area hackers a bit better. Which would of course require I finally get off my own backside and get down to HacDC as well.

One of the highlights, for me, was catching up with Randy and Jason of Beatnik Turtle. It is always a treat having them on the copyright panel. We chatted for the better part of an hour beforehand, just geeking out and discussing their new book. I also got a chance to get them on mic, just for my show, to discuss the launch of their book as well as other recent activity with the band and upcoming plans. That audio will go out in next week’s feature.

I was especially tickled when they gave me a signed copy of the book (squee) and signed copies of two of their CDs (squee). The wife and I listened to the CDs several times on the ride home and it really cemented for me that not only are these guys insanely bright on all the issues that surround and support their creative work but they are first and foremost wickedly talented musicians.

Dragon*Con remains for me a great conjunction of several of my interests and as long as it continues to draw such talented independent creatives of all stripes and media, it will remain a high point in my annual travel plans.

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  1. There is always D*C next year. I need to make a more concerted effort to get to Hacking 201 in’09 and the ensuing party. I am also considering oscon, based on the reports I read from there this year and your own interviews for FLOSS Weekly at that event. In the meantime, if you keep your plan file up to date and I my Google calendar, there may be a random intersection where we can chat.

    And thanks, I am glad you are enjoying the podcast. Let me return the compliment and say I am really enjoying the latest run of episodes of FLOSS Weekly. You’ve gotten some terrific guests and the return to a regular schedule is a real treat in my aggregator each week.

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