TCLP 2008-09-03 Copyright Panel at Dragon*Con 2008 (Comment Line 240-949-2638)

This is a feature cast.

I’m back from Dragon*Con with the first of two pieces of audio I acquired there. Thanks to the entire DragonPod staff for making this my best one yet, especially as a volunteer. Special thanks above and beyond to Sam Chupp for making this audio, in particular, possible.

The feature this week is the audio from the legal issues and podcasting panel at Dragon*Con 2008, otherwise known as the copyright or creative commons panel. I was delighted to have Randy and Jason from Beatnik Turtle and Courtney back this year. It was a treat to have Geek Radio’s The Vicar, Jon Stallard, on the panel and a regret that Matthew Wayne Selznick was not at Dragon*Con this year so unable to join us.


No detailed show notes this week since it was an open discussion.

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