I’ve Adopted a WordPress Plugin

Apparently there has been some chatter on Identi.ca based on my test posts charting my progress hacking on Blue Fur’s WordIdentica to address an issue and an enhancement. This has led to the first case of someone else trying to use it. Unfortunately, what works for me is not working for my first user. I have trouble shot the first issue, but on that foreign WordPress, the links are not getting sent to his Identi.ca timeline.

I am now in the processing of hoovering my simple hacks into a proper project under source control. I want to add some additional code to help avoid the PHP version problem we first encountered and add some logging to help diagnose the latter problem.

Stay tuned, I will also be setting up a permanent page, either here or at Bit Bucket Labs, on which the re-tooled plugin will live. Right now, I am thinking of renaming my fork Laconica Tools unless someone else has a better suggestion. (Laconica because part of my goals now is to make it work for any install of the Laconica server, not just Identi.ca.)

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3 Replies to “I’ve Adopted a WordPress Plugin”

  1. Using LT on WordPress 2.6.5, on PHP 5.2.5, as soon as I publish I get the following errors:

    Warning: openlog() expects parameter 3 to be long, string given in C:\xampp\htdocs\blog\wp-content\plugins\laconica-tools\lt-functions.php on line 9

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at C:\xampp\htdocs\blog\wp-content\plugins\laconica-tools\lt-functions.php:9) in C:\xampp\htdocs\blog\wp-includes\pluggable.php on line 770

    Any fix for this?

  2. No but the fact that you are running on Windows may have more to do with it. openlog() on Linux writes to syslog. No idea what it does on Windows. I’ll try to dig out a fix of some kind this weekend and post an update if I can either fix it for Windows compatibility or at least do some OS detection and suppress logging if needs be.

  3. Davey, turns out the problem is in fact that you are using Windows. The resource, LOG_LOCAL0, is not available on Windows. The quickest fix will be for you to edit lt_functions.php, line 9, and change that symbol to LOG_INFO. I will pursue some server OS detection code to use LOG_LOCAL0 on Linux and LOG_INFO on Windows for the next release but can’t give an ETA for that version at the moment.

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