Update on the Ogg Feed

The folks who volunteered to test the Ogg Vorbis feed and audio have been immensely helpful. The RSS seems to be working without a hitch across a wide variety of aggregators and the issues we are seeing in the audio files are not with the audio itself but quirks of the metadata.

I had a chat with another listener on the question of how best to publish the new feed along the two existing ones. He recommended something similar to how Mozilla recommends a Firefox download link based on the OS in your user agent string coming in. I will try to implement this idea this weekend and he has agreed to try to come up with a new, distinctive graphic to go along with that new link.

To be more specific, if you visit the site from Linux, the server will detect that and offer you the Ogg Vorbis feed first. For OS X, it will present the Phobos link for automatically subscribing in iTunes. For everyone else, it will present the MP3 link. There will be an additional link, go look at Mozilla’s download page and see how they let you click through to an exhaustive list of Firefox for other operating systems. I will do the same, so that automatic link will just be a suggestion that should be fine for the majority of users. Power users can click through and get at a full listing of the feeds with some nice explanatory text about each.

What I really want to avoid is someone not subscribing because they are confused about which feed is best. The suggested feed based on OS seems like a safe bet and for folks who know what they are looking for, it just introduces an additional click to get at it.

Let me know what you think, especially in the next day or so before I get a chance to actually sit down and code it up.

By the way, for those who cannot wait, if you want to start using the Ogg Vorbis feed, now, I don’t see any problems with you doing so. The URL is http://feeds.feedburner.com/cmdln_free and has been pretty thoroughly tested.

6 Replies to “Update on the Ogg Feed”

  1. Although I’m on a Linux machine I use MP3, as my portable player is an iPod and will not play ogg. If I had a player that was ogg capable I would want to use the ogg feed, even from a windows machine. So perhaps the client OS is not the main determinant as to the type of feed preferred by a listener. I hope this is useful feedback.

  2. Would it irk you to have to click through to get at the MP3 feed? Or would you grok that the recommended subscribe link was making an acceptable guess but your needs are less typical?

  3. I think it is simpler to show a little box MP3 FEED, one OGG FEED and one ITUNES. People who are ignorant of the difference will choose MP3 because they know about it, those using iTunes will choose the itunes link, so I don’t see problems arising from confusion.

  4. iTunes is not exclusive to OS X users. As a Windows user (hangs head in shame around this podcast!) I’d hope to see the ‘Subscribe with iTunes’ link too.

  5. Perhaps as Michel says you could offer all 3 types of feed, but you could use the OS detection to order them with the recommended feed first in the list.

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