RepRap Child Demolished by TSA

I haven’t written or spoking about RepRap previously, at least not any time recently and certainly not very frequently. RepRap is an ambitious project to not only produce a desktop rapid prototyper, or 3D printer, but one whose hardware designs are open source along with its driver software and, most notably, which is capable of printing all of its own parts both for maintenance and to produce new RepRaps with just raw materials and a working instance.

It is a shame then to share this story about one of the child RepRaps being destroyed recently returning from OSCON. (This may in fact be the first child, not entirely sure from just the blog post alone.) Child here refers, I believe, to a RepRap produced wholly be another RepRap.

This is a crying shame though not surprising. Sadly, if the TSA had not wrecked it, I would suggest the owner would be taking some serious chances with typical airline baggage handlers, too. The concluding advice, to ship critical items, should be seriously heeded when contemplating essentially irreplaceable items like these.

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