Quick News Links for Week Ending 7/20/2008

  • Google’s cross language serialization scheme
    Sounds like a variety of technologies that have come before like JSON and IDL. As unremarkable as it is, not sure the authors language and attitude is warranted.
  • Study shows greater error rate with e-voting systems
    This was conducted during the French presidential election. It doesn’t speak to cause though it did rule out complexity of the systems as the problem didn’t improve over time, as electors became more familiar. The researchers indicated a desire to do a more in depth and wide spread study to examine the causes and rule out the problem as local.
  • Real world man-in-the-middle attack
    An excellent explanation of man in the middle attacks, starting with a successful one used in a real world rescue of hostages.
  • Making available case where p2p app is restricted from sharing
    This is actually similar to the study that showed how easy it is to trigger false infringement claims. Infringement depends on uploading, not downloading, and in this case the accused had a client modded to never upload.
  • Paul Vixie responds to DNS flaw skeptics
    No nonsense, for sure. The biggest criticism seems to be around the decision of how to disclose followed by how communications have been coordinated. Vixie focuses on the scale of the problem and how hard it would be for anyone to handle either of those aspects optimally.
  • Apple finally sues Psystar
    Hardly surprising though not necessarily a slam dunk. While not the same as an end user installing their copy where they like, Psystar will no doubt try for some first sale claim as a defense against EULA violation.
  • Potential bad outcome for Apple in Psystar suit
    I am not so sure a single ruling carries this much weight. Sure, Apple would have to defend against any additional clone makers one at a time but there is still the fear of Apple’s deep pockets that will probably chill most even with a Psystar favorable ruling.
  • Another data portability group
    With it coming so late after other groups and efforts, there is a question of what Autonomo.us really adds despite involving members of notable organizations like FSF and CC.
  • Adding tech to law enforcement for accountability
    Seems like a good and obvious idea. I like the fact that the gun cam video is encrypted to help foil tampering.
  • Comparing Bash and PowerShell
    The two sound pretty similar with the biggest difference is PowerShell adopting objects for input and output pipes instead of just text.
  • LoC report on how DRM interferes with archiving
    Based on a report by the LoC. The problem is not just DRM, though that is a big one. There are restrictions on the copies the Library can make and keep that are out of date with the state of technology and the best interests of archiving information effectively.
  • Progressive geek running for state rep. in Kansas
    He’s already met his original donation goal and almost doubled it. He’s use xkcd-style comics to communicate updates to his contributors.
  • NZ hacker released, praised
    He was released without conviction, apparently because while he received payment for malware he wrote, he didn’t profit directly from its use. Authorities are actually interested in hiring or using him for investigations and defense.
  • Judge rules against NXP, allows researchers to publish Oyster card research
    In a Dutch court, the judge ruled that freedom of speech trumped the vendor’s concerns.
  • Debugging multiprocessor code
    This article discusses debugging hardware. It identifies the unique challenges presented to traditional techniques with multiprocessor dies and suggest virtual platforms as a solution.
  • Improved upload interface at Archive.org
    Glad to see this improved. I’ve recommended the archive to folks looking for free media hosting but have heard of difficulties in consistently uploading files.
  • Inside story of the SF network hijacking
    Paints a very different story, first that Childs’ bosses knew he held the keys to the kingdom for some time. Primarily that Childs’ was an almost stereotypical engineer, clearly with social and management issues but ultimately motivated by a deep dedication to the technology and doing his job well.
  • Universal tells judge DMCA takedowns trump fair use
    The statement was made in the now infamous dancing baby case. The label isn’t arguing that the defendant’s video wasn’t fair use. Instead they are trying to advance a theory that DMCA takedowns trump fair use.

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  1. That email is thought provoking, Mike, thanks. The idea of p2p web services is compelling, despite the well documented challenges. Seems like a more democratic take on the notion of cloud computing.

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