Testing TwitPress

I am unsure why it isn’t working, since it has such a simple set up. I got some definite errors when I first installed it, PHP having problems finding curl. I cleared those up and now it just fails silently. I tried something different with my Twitter username, maybe this post will work?

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  1. Joy. I finally found a post somewhere that had a good suggestion. If your plain username doesn’t work with TwitPress, then apparently your email address on your Twitter account may work. That’s what worked for me. I’m going to leave this post and comment up so it will get indexed and if someone else has a problem, perhaps one more page about TwitPress not working may help someone faster than I was able to get this resolved my own self.

  2. Thanks, I too cannot get this simple thing to work, it simply will not tweet, whether or not I use twitter username or email. I guess you can’t expect much from something that hasn’t been updated in like three years, THANKS to the developer!

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