Coin-Op WAP

I saw the details over on The Register which means the manufacturer is most likely British, or at least European. No information on planned deployments.

I actually like this idea. In asking after card payments, I think it shows the article’s author doesn’t entirely get the appeal of a cash access point. If you want an access point that takes plastic or a pre-loaded card, that’s pretty much how every pay system currently works. Adding a card processor onto the coin op box would mean the purchase information may go over a dial up line, like a traditional POS unit, or via the box’s dedicate internet connection. If we are talking about my card info, I’d rather be able to see the merchant processing the card and check that their certificates are up to snuff.

Some of the subsidized access points are free with a purchase. This is close to a cash service in that I can buy the necessary goods however I like. Really I can only drink so many lattes in a working day though. A coin or note operated access point means I can directly support the vendor or venue without having to expand my waistline when I need to make extended usage and would prefer to leave the plastic at home.

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