Temporary Comments Glitch

I migrated this site from the free hosting at WordPress.com to my VM at Slice Host this week. You may have noticed a few glitches over the last day or two as the DNS cutover and I’ve hammered down the the last few nails with my own manual installation of WordPress.

One thing I just noticed is that there is a bug in the comment moderation queue in the 2.5.1 version of WordPress. At least for certain configurations. I am still researching to see if there is a patch or fix I can apply. There is a workaround but it really relies on having email notification of working for new comments needing moderation. I just installed Postfix and got this notification running, so should be able to keep comments moving for new posters.

If you submitted a comment in the last two days and it hasn’t been moderated yet, please re-submit it as this will now generate an email with a direct link that bypasses the moderation queue bug.

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