TCLP 2008-06-01 News (Comment Line 240-949-2638)

This is news cast 142.

In the intro a review of my latest gadget purchase, a new iPod Touch.

Security alerts this week are an exploitable flaw in a very popular make of cell phone and a Firefox extension for identifying bad Debian SSL certificates which I discussed previously. There’s a lot more detail about the extensions at the developer’s site including a page with a known bad certificate so you can test and see how the extension is meant to work.

In this week’s news, code katas, TJX fires an employee for discussing lax security, Neuros selects VideoLAN for use in its forthcoming set top device, and Revision3 uncovers Media Defender shenanigans during a recent outage, Media Defender already having received scrutiny for suspect activity recently..

Following up this week, just that NBC and Microsoft claim to have gotten to the bottom of the recent broadcast flag snafu.

Download the show directly. Grab the detailed show notes with time offsets and additional links either as PDF or OPML.

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2 Replies to “TCLP 2008-06-01 News (Comment Line 240-949-2638)”

  1. As an owner of an iPhone purchased opening weekend (but only by walking directly into a store on Sunday, not waiting in line on Friday), welcome to the new generation of Apple devices.

    No, the notes don’t sync anywhere. We thought Leopard would bring a way to do that, and apparently, it just hasn’t been linked into anything yet.

    Also, what is the application you’re running so that you can ssh directly from your iPod touch? That sounds like fun!

  2. Thanks!

    Too bad about notes. I had read some discussion of enabling notes synching through .Mac fixing the issue, but that has not worked. It seems like a weak spot in the synch scheme.

    I’ve been looking at AjaxTerm though I have yet to try installing it on my server and giving it a whirl, yet. I will post or record details when I do.

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